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InstantNavigator for OneNote 0.7.1

InstantNavigator for OneNote 0.7.1: A productivity plug-in enhances OneNote with instant Vista-style search OneNote files. These files are inaccessible to Vista search, which can only search in sections and notebooks. InstantNavigator looks for a keyword in the titles of notebooks, sections and inside the notes, providing more accurate results than Vista search and OneNote standard search. InstantNavigator integrates with Microsoft OneNote seamlessly and runs as a standalone application. To start the program, click on its icon on the desktop or press the

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StoneNotes 1.2.22

oneNotes you can easily create a structure that is organic and makes sense to you, freeing you to create new ideas. Creating The Web - Linking This web is created by expanding on topics as they are mentioned in a note. To expand on a particular topic by creating a new note for it, simply double click the word representing the topic. This will open a clean note for you to add more information on the topic. To return to the previous note, simply click

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Epiphany Notes 2.10.1

one insurers today` and press enter, the note is created instantly. No unnecessary features, not even a Write Note button. Simply a note box and a discrete About button, that`s all. It`s a bit like Road Runner crossed with Duckman in that it`s quick, yellow and beeps. You can file these notes in folders or delete them once added to your shopping list and the insurers have been phoned. Unregistered version adds a ƒ sign to each note. Free one month

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MobilePad 1.0: MobilePad is a multifunction application that allows you to store information fo
MobilePad 1.0

MobilePad is a multifunction application that allows you to store information for easy retrieval using your mobile phone anytime, anywhere. You can choose to secure the information by creating protected note (incase you lost your phone or you are sharing your cell phone with someone else). It function as a mobile notepad, mobile sticky note, mobile ewallet and a mobile password database.

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Voice Sticky Notes 2.3: Voice Sticky Notes - create sticky notes with voice memo on youre desktop.
Voice Sticky Notes 2.3

Voice Sticky Notes lets you create colorful note, record a voice memo, and post it on your desktop. You can easily change the color and size of each notes as you wish, set them to ring an alarm at a specified time, lock them to protect their contents and move them off the screen by hiding them. You can use them for messages, reminders, ideas, telephone notes, to-do lists, and web and e-mail addresses. It will save your time and money.

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ArcNotes 1.00

Notes? ArcNotes is just designed for you to solve the above problems. ArcNotes is a simple yet powerful notes system. ArcNotes can help you manage and organize your notes and everyday affairs with simplicity and efficiency.With the steamlined interface, the fully functional alarm and powerful notes managing ability, you will get nothing missed! Besides the basic notes managing functions such as adding, editing and removing the notes, ArcNotes also

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Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1: FREE Sticky notes software for Windows. Sticky notes freeware. Post notes free.
Sticker Lite (Sticky Notes Free) 5.1

FREE sticky notes software to keep information on PC desktop. You can create desktop sticky notes using different fonts, colors; post notes on desktop, modify desktop sticky notes, organize sticky notes, automatically save sticky notes, create sticky notes with different priorities, lock sticky notes. Free note taking software to send sticky notes over LAN/Internet. Download note taking freeware to organize your info - Sticky Notes freeware.

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